Article in local newspaper

I wrote an article titled "My love affair with the Peace Corps, Morocco" for my local newspaper, The Berkshire Eagle. I hope you enjoy it! I'm still missing the Peace Corps and Morocco everyday!


Nshufik min bad (See you later)

At the end of March I officially closed out my Peace Corps service in Morocco. I can’t believe I am now a Returned Peace Corps volunteer! It was an emotional goodbye, because I have become so integrated into my community, Sidi Bou Othman. My village has become home. I loved my work as a Peace… Continue reading Nshufik min bad (See you later)

Top 10 things I love about El Magreb (Morocco)

The hospitality—The hospitality of people here is incredible! Ever since I arrived in Morocco a year ago, I’ve been invited into homes and served tea, bread, and yummy traditional dishes like couscous, tagine, and rafissa. They order me to “Kuli! Kuli! Kuli!” (Eat!, Eat!, Eat!) until I am stuffed and then they get angry if… Continue reading Top 10 things I love about El Magreb (Morocco)

Ramadan Kareem (Ramadan is generous) Part 2: Moroccan Ramadan food

I really enjoyed getting to know more people at my site, and the food, during Ramadan. I was lucky to be invited to break fast with different families every night, sleep over, and spend the next couple of days with them. I was even offered pajamas! But normally I was too sleepy after iftar so… Continue reading Ramadan Kareem (Ramadan is generous) Part 2: Moroccan Ramadan food