Nshufik min bad (See you later)

At the end of March I officially closed out my Peace Corps service in Morocco. I can’t believe I am now a Returned Peace Corps volunteer! It was an emotional goodbye, because I have become so integrated into my community, Sidi Bou Othman. My village has become home. I loved my work as a Peace… Continue reading Nshufik min bad (See you later)


Final grant update: 5 new clubs and 25 new volunteers!!!

Last month I closed out the Developing Sports and Games Club Grant with the Peace Corps. This will be my last grant update as I will be closing my service in April. I am proud to say that grant goals and objectives were achieved! Before the Developing Sports and Games Club Grant, the youth of… Continue reading Final grant update: 5 new clubs and 25 new volunteers!!!

Write On!

Back in February, I facilitated the “Write On!” annual creative writing competition in my English classes. Two of my students won prizes! Simohamed won the Mid-West region for 12th grade and my counterpart Youssef won third place in the Mid-West region for 2nd year of university. They received special certificates, and Simohamed received a book.… Continue reading Write On!