Article in local newspaper

I wrote an article titled "My love affair with the Peace Corps, Morocco" for my local newspaper, The Berkshire Eagle. I hope you enjoy it! I'm still missing the Peace Corps and Morocco everyday!


26th birthday party photos and preparation

I decided to invite my Moroccan neighbors, friends, and colleagues over for a birthday party on September 11. In Morocco, young children normally celebrate their birthdays with a small party consisting of cake and soda and get some presents but men and women don’t do anything special. Births, weddings, deaths, and religious holidays are celebrations.… Continue reading 26th birthday party photos and preparation

Moroccan culture: couscous Fridays and Moroccan eating manners

On Fridays I look forward to having couscous. In Morocco, families typically have couscous on Fridays, the holy day in Islam. (Though in Morocco the weekend is Saturday and Sunday because of the influence of the French protectorate. It is like this is in the rest of North Africa but not in the Middle East.… Continue reading Moroccan culture: couscous Fridays and Moroccan eating manners