1 year as a Peace Corps volunteer-photos 2

receiving Valentine's day candy from my Grandma and sharing it with neighbors Marrakesh biennale with friends!


26th birthday party photos and preparation

I decided to invite my Moroccan neighbors, friends, and colleagues over for a birthday party on September 11. In Morocco, young children normally celebrate their birthdays with a small party consisting of cake and soda and get some presents but men and women don’t do anything special. Births, weddings, deaths, and religious holidays are celebrations.… Continue reading 26th birthday party photos and preparation

Uno has been a hit!: starting work at the dar shebab (youth center)

I have started my work at the dar shebab by meeting people, observing activities, workshops, and events; and teaching English. The dar shebab is open in the mornings from 10:30-12:30 and afternoons between 4:30-8 Tuesday through Sunday. My day off is Monday, which is souk day. From what I have heard the dar shebab was… Continue reading Uno has been a hit!: starting work at the dar shebab (youth center)