Write On!

All of the Write On! participants during the certificate party

Back in February, I facilitated the “Write On!” annual creative writing competition in my English classes. Two of my students won prizes! Simohamed won the Mid-West region for 12th grade and my counterpart Youssef won third place in the Mid-West region for 2nd year of university. They received special certificates, and Simohamed received a book. I’m so proud of them!

Write On! was launched in 2003 by Peace Corps volunteers (PCVs) in Georgia and Morocco has participated since 2011. The objective of Write On! is to promote creativity, critical thinking, and free expression among participants in Peace Corps countries around the world.

Participants from 6th grade to 4th year of university compete by choosing from a list of two prompts for their grade level. They are given an hour to respond in English without assistance. Entries are judged by PCVs based for creativity and inspiration, not grammar or spelling.

There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place national and regional (mid-north, mid-west, south, north-east) winners. The national 1st place winners are judged internationally against 1st place winners from other countries. We had three international winners from Morocco!


Here is Simohamed’s winning entry:

Prompt: You, the captain of a large ship, are heading towards an island. On your ship is a crew of eight sailors. Once you are a hundred miles from the island, your ship hits a rock and can now only support you and two other sailors. How do you convince six sailors to jump ship?

I’m a great captain. And I’m so proud of myself. To be more clear with you I’m like the Captain Jack Sparow. So, now I like to tell an interested story about me and my ship. In one day I was going to an island with my sailors they were eight person support me. Yes they were a fatanstic sailors. And we dicided to go an island. That island was so far away but we were so interesting to descoer that island. On an early time we get up on. We collected our thing and we got on the ship. When we were going toward the island we were having a great time on the ship. We took the food, drinks from houses, but the sailors were afraid of me but I’m so patient and I let them do what wanted to do therr. We were near of the island about 3 hundred miles We found a ship in the sea have broke down. Because we were busy, We didn’t help them. And here we are. It’s just a hundred miles are stop between us and the island but the bad thing is our ship hited by a great rock we faced when we ging. Then I started ask myself what to do, the ship wasn’t strong so it was on it con support eight sailors and the captain. So I formed a solution the solution was I have to throw six sailors to the sea for keeping my trip. But how I can convice them to the see? The sailors were good with me and their behavior is nice to me. So I make a lot of jocks with them We have fun. The ship was so far sink. Then I told them guys if you want ot keep on the trip with me you have to bring me two fishes from the see. The first volunt and jumped to see but he was so lucky he brough two fishes. The seconde voluntaire jumped but he wasn’t lucky enough to brought the fished that’s why he couldn’t keep on with me the trip. The third on jumped brought the fishes the fourth one jumped and he also brought the fishes. The fifth one jumped but he didn’t brought the fishes. So he didn’t complet the trip with us. The sixth one jumped he brought the fishes the seventh one jumped he also brought the fishes. So the first sleep succeed I lose two sailors. And I’m gonna to find a new things to push the other sailors to jum into the water. Then I invent a story for the sailors. I told them that is a great treasure in the see. Some of them were so interested to go and have a look. I showed them the imagine way two sailors believe me but the other no. the two sailors jumped into the see to have a look. Then here I’m I lose two other sailors. Now I’m with four sailors I though and I thought and though but I didn’t find a new story to lied on the sailors. That’s why I choose to tell them the truth. The sailors understand me I told them that I can’t pick up with 4 sailors the ship can support just two sailors. So they didn’t what should they do. Then I suggested to them to play a game from the teams they accepted. The game was card. The choose each other to play with. And they started play but in the end I need just two sailors. Then the teams finished the game the loser team choose to jumped into the water without noise. In the end we keep on our trip after the sixth sailors jumped into the see. Then we get the island which we were so interested to got on. And we found what we were sarching for. The great treasure. And we made our dream come true this island was from my great acheivemment ever I was so proud of my achievement because that was my great and big dream. And I madit come true in the reality. This is my story with my eight sailors. It was so intresting to me but for you. you have to choice. Ok bye to another story from my history that was so intresting. To tell you about it.


And Youssef’s:

Prompt: You find a book in the library that has no writing in it. But when you speak, writing appears on the pages to reply to you. What do you talk about?

-I found a book in the library that had no writing in it. But when I spoke, writing appeared on the pages to reply me. So my talking were about the difference between boys and girls. In some villages I found a loads of parents they give their sons apportunities to go to study out of the villages after they graduated but they stop their daughets to stay at home and get married, because they thought that girls are not able to do what the boys do. But this idea is wrong, because boys and girls are equal, girls have a right to complete their studies instead of staying at home. And also I found in these villages a lots of parents they force their daughters to get married in early ages like 14-15 years old, in fact this is not fair, because those girls have opinions and their parents should respect their daughters views. Actualy, those girls want a husband in the same age to understand each other instead of married to an old man too much older than her in this way they can not understand each other. And hopefully, those parents to become more fair with with their daughters because those girls have a spesific goals and they want to achieve them.


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