Christmas couscous

For Christmas this year, I organized a couscous party at the dar shebab for my parents to meet my neighbors, friends, and colleagues and vice versa. Mommy and Papi were visiting Morocco for the week. Christmas day fell on a Friday when Moroccans typically eat couscous with family and friends after a 12pm prayer at the mosque. It was also a holiday because the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday fell on December 24th this year. For the lunch, I hired the women that cook for the children’s summer camp to make a delicious 7 vegetable couscous (Moroccans consider it lucky to combine 7 vegetables in a dish) with chicken. My parents brought Spanish Christmas sweets (chocolate, polvorones, turrones, etc) for dessert, which disappeared in seconds! At the last minute, Papi luckily realized that some typical Christmas sweets like mantecados are made with lard (Pork is prohibited in Islam). My parents, of course, really enjoyed meeting my neighbors, friends, and colleagues, who have been so welcoming and supportive to me. They were able to chat with them in English or through translation; not much French is spoken in the village. Afterwards, we took a long walk around town so they could see the daily souq, the Internet café where I print announcements or documents, the elementary and middle school, the bakery, etc and meet more people in my community. At last the villagers found out that Rosana, the volunteer and teacher at the dar shebab, and the only foreigner in the village, has parents. Hahaha. I think that their visit will be the gossip in town for at least the next week or month. “Rosana’s father is Spanish,” “Rosana’s mom is American,” “Her dad had nice glasses like Rosana,” “Her mom tried eating couscous with her hands,” “They took lots of photos.”

The cooks, Nezha and Fatima


The party was divided into groups of men and women to respect the culture like my birthday party




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