Halloween party

Assistant Teacher Youssef, about 25 of our English and Spanish students, mostly high school students, and I held a budget Halloween party at the dar shebab last weekend. I was surprised when all of my students were eager to help with the event! I made them brownies to thank them, which they gobbled up in seconds. The Halloween party was a huge success! About 100 kids, aged 7-12 attended, and learned about the American celebration. We had different games set up around the dar shebab: Pin the wart on the witch, Bobbing for apples, Mummy wrap, etc and prizes of American candy (snickers, skittles, Tootsie pops, etc) for those teams that won competitions. We made the games out of recycled materials (cardboard, plastic water bottles, yogurt containers, etc) that I have been collecting since April. I hoped to have showed my students that you can do a lot with little to no money! I am not sure who had more fun- my students or the kids! I am hoping to do more formal American culture presentations (about American holidays, food, etc) like this for my students and community members and provide opportunities for my students to volunteer. I told them how I had started volunteering in high school with Habitat for Humanity because I too grew up in a small town where there wasn’t much to do and I found purpose helping others.



We screened Monsters, Inc in English
Face painting!
Arts and crafts!


Me and my student volunteers!!!

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