I made an American breakfast last Sunday for my host family! It included pancakes, a vegetable omelet, and hash browns. I liked practicing my vegetable, fruit, and buying vocabulary and expressions at the souq and hanut (corner shop) for the meal. I told the sellers I was making an American meal and they smiled and asked if I could come over and cook for them. I wasn’t able to bring maple syrup from the US and they don’t have it in Morocco but I served the pancakes with honey and jam. I am not posting photos of my family eating because we were all in our pajamas. They really enjoyed the breakfast and especially the pancakes! Not only did my immediate family come but extended- grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins. They talked about it for days to other family members and friends saying: “Rosana can cook” “I’m not worried about Rosana living alone because she can cook” “Rosana made this good American bread (pancakes) for us.” IMG_6167

For breakfast here I normally have bread (baguette or hubz), olives, olive oil, jam, and cheese, and sometimes fried or scrambled eggs. Hubz is a type of Moroccan bread that I will explain in detail later as well as Moroccan food. I want to be exposed to more Moroccan households, souqs, hanuts, and restaurants before I write about it.


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