Tourism: Moulay Driss and Volubilis

Last Sunday I visited Moulay Driss and Volubilis (both north of Meknes) with some PCV friends! We met up with more PCV friends who have their CBT in Moulay Driss and they showed us around. The town of Moulay Driss is named after Moulay Driss I who is said to have brought the religion of Islam to the area in 789. He also founded Fez. The beautiful town is spread over a hill and the Mausoleum of Moulay Driss is off the main square. I wasn’t able to enter because I am a non-Muslim but I loved the ride there from Fez and walking through the narrow streets before we had delicious lunch.

Moulay Driss
At a distance
At a distance

The ruins of the Roman city of Volubilis are a couple of miles away. It was a nice hike! We had perfect weather (sunshine and not too cold but not too hot). The land around Moulay Driss and Volubilis is very fertile- I loved seeing all the olive orchards. The ruins of Volubilis were impressive! Growing up I saw lots of Roman ruins in Europe with my parents on trips but they weren’t in as good condition as Volubilis. As I walked around the ruins, I could make out what were neighborhoods, houses (wealthy and poor), and baths and other public spaces though there weren’t any placards with descriptions (A PCV friend did give us a tour though). There were also entire mosaics! Volubilis is an UNESCO world heritage site. See their description:

Photo by Jamie
Also by Jamie


Besides visiting new places in Morocco, it was refreshing to get out of my suburb of Fez for a day and see PCV friends and trade experiences about our language training, host families, Moroccan food, and work at the youth and women’s center. There are always lots of funny stories. PC is a great community. I am enjoying getting to know PCVs and PC staff.


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