My neighborhood

My CBT is in a suburb of Fez. I have been into the old city of Fez once and Inshallah (common Middle Eastern expression- it means God willing) will again in the next two months. It was beautiful! I want to get to know it well.

This is my house (right):

There is a garage in front of my house where they fix taxis.

I live on the third floor of the building with my mom (Amal), dad (Muhammed), sister (Aya), and brother (Adan). They have been so welcoming to me. My mom and dad are in their 30s and work at an Internet cafe, and Aya is 12 and Adan is 4. They both go to private schools and speak Moroccan Arabic, Darija, French, and some English (I’ve been helping them practice) and are super sweet. Amal is an amazing cook and I will post photos of the delicious food I have been eating soon.

Uncles and aunts live on the second and first floors.IMG_5523

These are my cousins Ismail and Ryan riding their bikes near my house:IMG_5564

And Ryan and my sister Aya:IMG_5567

On my way to the youth center where I have been learning Moroccan Arabic, Darija, in the mornings, and working with children and youth in the afternoons, I pass through the incredible souk, an open air market. In most of North Africa and the Middle East they have souks (I have visited them in Turkey and Palestine). In the souk in my neighborhood they sell almost everything: meat, vegetables, fruit, clothes, electronics, and household goods. I love it! There are lots of family farms around my neighborhood and I have been enjoying eating locally and fresh! The citrus fruit is really good now. IMG_5577 IMG_5326 IMG_5503

Whenever I pass by the souk, the sellers and I greet each other. Also many of the children and youth I have been playing with at the youth center live around the souk and they always say Hello! (Salam!) and How are you? (Labas?) and shake my hand and give me two kisses on my cheeks and sometimes put they hand on their heart or mouth (the typical greeting). This makes me so happy! My CBT group is getting integrated into our community.IMG_5406

This is one of my favorite stands. Notice the photo of the Moroccan King, Mohammed VI, and his family among the candy and snacks:IMG_5518

This is the youth center I study and work at:IMG_5527


One thought on “My neighborhood

  1. Me – about the king in the candy stand – “Thats a really funny job for a king! Where is the queen? Ohhh.. I see.” (after finally noticing the framed portrait) You so funny Rosana ! I LOVE seeing your pictures, more please. ❤


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